Our Commitment

Diversion Weir and Intake, Illam (Puwa Khola) Hydropower Project, Illam

LAXMI SHRESTHA & CO. (Pvt) Ltd. has been fully committed for successful completion of the projects on time with high quality work. Company’s corporate philosophy is “Work for work, the work we do today will promote us for next work in the future”. So, LSC has been dedicated to complete the projects on time with high quality and satisfaction.

As far as quality of works is concerned, LSC has earned an excellent reputation in the field of construction. It uses only industry tested and approved construction materials and maintains strict adherence to government requirements and international standards for quality, safety and durability. These are reflected in the successful completion of all projects done by it, which have up to the present, proven themselves against constantly changing environmental conditions.

Illam-puwakhola-7-head-racetunnel Head Race Tunnel, Illam (Puwa Khola) Hydropower project, Illam