Leadership Profile


The Company carries the name of its founder, Late Mr. LAXMI PRASAD SHRESTHA, who spearheaded the establishment of this highly respected company. Since the country’s construction industry is one of the major factor considered in the formulation of an appropriate development program of the nation, our founder late Mr. LAXMI PRASAD SHRESTHA has decided to make construction as his field of concentration and founded this company in 2022 B.S. (1965 A.D) to met the constructional needs of Country. Late Mr. Shrestha has leaded the company for about 42 years from the establishment period till 2064 BS (2008 AD) and made the company as one of the prestigious construction company in the country.

Er. Soyam Prasad Shrestha

Engr. Soyam Prasad Shrestha has been taking the leadership of the company after his father Late Mr. Laxmi Prasad Shrestha passed away. Mr. Shrestha is a graduate civil engineer of Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila, Philippines, 1990. Immediately after his graduation from the Philippines he had joined the company to support his father to modernize the management system of the company implementing the knowledge he gained from his study and the experience he gained from foreign. He joined company as a Site Engineer and has been involved in execution and supervision of the many complex tasks of projects. For this reason his work has been personally appreciated by most of the clients of the company of the projects he handled. His distinct sincere and hard working character has enhanced the prestige of the company in national and international level.